Series BF 8.0 MM Forward

Series BF 8.0 MM Forward

The KOENIG RESTRICTOR® and KOENIG CHECK VALVE® combine our industry-leading flow control and sealing expertise, with products that provide precise fluid control with low total costs. Using a unique, one-piece design, our flow restrictor and check valve models are available in a wide variety of sizes and pressure ratings, providing a precise orifice flow control solution. Learn more about our orifice flow restrictor and check valve models, including performance and installation information, on our About Flow Product description page. SFC KOENIG® flow restrictor and check valve products provide reliable, proven performance and easy installation for a wide range of applications. Our engineers can develop a custom design for your specific flow control needs, or use our Product Selector to identify the correct KOENIG RESTRICTOR for your specifications.


Video Of Series BF 8.0 MM Forward

Max. installation force 8000 N
Max. working pressure in check direction 280 bar
Max. working pressure in flow direction 40 N
Max. leakage on air 20 sccm/min. @ 1.72 bar
Max. Leakage on hydraulic fluid (HLP46) 1 drop/min.
Cycle Test on hydraulic fluid (HLP46) 1 Mio. Cycles, 5 Hz, 6 bar, 50˚C
Material of test body EN-GJS-600-3
Part Number Cracking Pressure (bar)
BF660080024000  0.00 (no spring)
BF660080024014 0.14 (± 0.05)
BF660080024040  0.40 (± 0.30)
BF660080024100  1.00 (± 0.30)


Sleeve 1.4305/AISI 303
Pin 1.4021/AISI 420A
Cage 1.4305/AISI 303
Spring 1.4310/AISI 301
Ball 1.3541/AISI 420C