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Commitment in after sales service:
We follow the 5 core principles of customer service

  1. Speed: Tracking various types of service speed like response time, resolution time & resolution ratio
  2. Accuracy: Accuracy principle we are looking at the following factors like Training, Information systems & team work
  3. Clarity: Clarity is about how process able our communication in various factors like Simplicity, Structure & Familiarity
  4. Transparency: Transparency is just as critical to service as speed and accuracy like known versus unknown waits
  5. Accessibility: Measuring the Customer effort score (CES) through post-service or in-app surveys through various channels like social networking sites & messenger

We have professional technical support team and excellent after sales service. Adhering to the principle of “Creating value for customers with high-quality service”, Avlock India provides customers with “professional, efficient, thoughtful” service.

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