Extool - 040 - 2

The ExTool Series allows for the installation of the full line of SK and LK series KOENIG EXPANDER plug. These hydro - pneumatic hand tools are ergonomically designed for performance, and feature built-in suction that holds the plug against the nose of the gun, allowing for easy installation in any orientation. Spent mandrels are automatically pulled into the mandrel collector by a vacuum, and tools can also be equipped with a separate high-volume mandrel collection system. ExTool models are robust and easy to use, designed for long-lasting performance on any assembly line. they are delivered ready for operation, and nosepieces can be ordered to allow for the insertion of diferent diameter plugs. Process controlled units recording force and stroke distance are available upon request.


Video Of Extool - 040 - 2

Type EXTOOL-040-2
Series LK / SK
Order number 300160394
Weight 2.7 kg
Pull force at 7 bar 24 kN
Working stroke 18 mm
Air supply pressure (min. - max.) 5-7 bar
Air consumption at 5-6 bar 3.5 l
Noise level < 75 dB(A)
Cycle time 2.0 s
REQUIRED ACCESSORIES: Please select based on the diameter of your EXPANDERS
Type Order Number
Nosepiece Expander Ø 12.0 LK / SK 300161931
Nosepiece Expander Ø 14.0 LK 300161932
Nosepiece Expander Ø 16.0 LK 300161933