Hyspeed B

Hydraspeed-B is a blind Speed Fastening System having a bulbed tail providing consistent high clamp and shear, making it ideal for assembling many materials including metal, plastic and aluminum alloy. With easy installation and lower in-place costs than welding or nail rivet, this speed riveting system is extensively used for light fabrication needs


  • Sizes: 2.4mm (3/32") to 6.0mm
  • Materials: Aluminum alloy, steel, stainless steel and brass
  • Head forms: Dome/mushroom, countersunk

Video Of Hyspeed B

  • Bulbed tail and foreshortening of the fastener during installation ensures high clamp
  • Bulbed tail and large head form provide a large bearing area for soft materials
  • Tapered tail for ease of hole entry
  • Expands radially during installation to ensure maximum hole fill
  • Lower in-place costs than welding or nail rivets
  • Hot tin dipped brass option for ease of soldering and good electrical continuity
  • Stainless Steel option for applications subject to high temperatures or corrosion
  • Placed using a unique repetition mandrel system for high speed assembly
  • Can be bowl fed for larger volume applications using automated equipment
  • Hyspeed-B can be used to fasten:
  • Metal to metal
  • Metal to plastic
  • Automotive
  • Electronic components
  • Sheet metal
  • Electrical engineering
  • Domestic appliances
  • Furniture
  • General light fabrication