Tightly sealed

A blind rivet stud consists of a sleeve (blind rivet nut without internal thread) and a stud that are joined to one another. As HONSEL has been manufacturing both components in-house for decades, the know-how from the manufacture of blind rivet nuts can be put to very good use also for the production of blind rivet studs so that every possible variation can be quickly and flexibly combined and supplied in order to meet individual customers’ demands with a very wide range of variants.


  • Front ends
  • Roof railings
  • Bonnet / boot lid stop
  • Convertible soft tops
  • Longitudinal members
  • Spring struts

By analogy with the process for the sealing of blind rivet nuts, various solutions for reliable gas-tight and water-tight joints are also possible with blind rivet studs – either in the form of loose or machine-assembled neoprene rings or certified sealants injection moulded directly onto the underside of the head.