Hydrapop rivet is uni-grip breakstem blind fasteners available in various lengths for wide grip thicknesses. Fastening cost is low, Due to high speed and ease of application. Strong, reliable, vibration proof assemblies can be made without operator skills and rivet can be installed without marking the surface of the work piece.


  • Sizes: 2.4mm to 6.4mm
  • Materials: Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Head forms: Dome, Large Flange, Counter Sunk.
  • Hydrapop is a Uni-grip rivet and comes in wide range of diameters and lengths
  • Allows versatility in various applications.
  • Countersunk head available which gives flush finish to work surface.
  • Large flange head available enables to use in softer materials.
  • Good Hole fill ensures high strength joints even in oversize and misaligned holes.
  • Ideal for use in thin sheet materials.
  • Require one side access for installation.
  • High speed installation
  • Available in various material combinations
  • Metal to metal
  • Plastic to plastic
  • Metal to plastic
  • Automotive
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Domestic appliances
  • Electronics
  • Electrical equipment
  • General light industrial
  • Heating and ventilating