Cleveloc Nut

The Cleveloc nut is a low cost one-piece self-locking nut with superior locking and re-usability characteristics. The locking collar is an integral part of the nut and is formed into a geometrically developed ellipse. This provides two locking elements of consistently uniform shape and thread contour which permit the bolt threads to engage smoothly during assembly.


  • DIN 980, DIN 6925, DIN 6927 & Customer Prints
  • Size Range : M5 to M33 (Metric Series) 1/4? to 1 1/4? (British/Unified Series)
  • Finishes Available : Bright Zinc, Zinc Blue, Zinc Yellow, Zinc Black, Zinc Green. Hexavalent or Trivalent chrome.


  • Dependable Locking Properties : The closed stress path in the locking portion of the nut together with the advantageous distribution of locking pressure over comparatively large areas, provides a locking device with an extremely high fatigue life.
  • High Re-Usability : The stress within the locking device when in service is distributed over the two locking elements which represent a comparatively large area. Consequently, ‘local stresses’ are only a fraction of those of slotted type all-metal stiffnuts. Result : an infinitely long service life of many re-usals.
  • Fast Trouble-Free Assembly : All the threads within the nut body are free running-there is no deformation of the hexagon form, and galling is totally eliminated by the elliptical design of the locking collar which prevents thread interruptions or pitch errors. Easily engaged, a spanner or power tool will tighten the Cleveloc nut and its smooth progressive locking action is effective at any required setting.
  • Interchangeable : Cleveloc nuts are equally effective with high or low limit bolt threads, and can be safely changed from high to low limit bolts during maintenance or overhaul.
  • All Metal Lock Nut
  • Superior Locking
  • High Re-Usability
  • Uniform performance
  • High Temperature Application (250 C) 











  • Coal Washing Vibrating Screens 
  • Mechanical Member Assemblies
  • Aggregate Separation Vibrating Screens