Stackaway 150GL

Stackaway 150GL

Stackaway 150GL

Top hung sliding and stacking hardware for frameless glass doors.


  • 600TA Aluminium top track
  • GL Top and bottom rail with cover plates
  • GL End caps
  • 600GL Hangers
  • 655 Stacking rig – to suit layout
  • 122 Brush welt
  • DRL5025 Rail lock
  • 9139 Sprung keep
  • 655PGL Pivot set
  • GL2 Slide bolt


  • All fittings available in stainless steel for all coastal applications.
  • Various finishes available.
  • No floor channel required
  • Aluminium top track
  • Slim rail with glass bolt-through
  • Flexible layout designs
  • Max leaf mass: 150kg
  • Max leaf height: 3500mm
  • Max leaf width: 1200mm
  • Glass: Tempered 10 or 12mm (15mm option available)

Special layouts done by Hillaldam

The area of a single sliding leaf should be related to all other factors.