Foldaside 40

Foldaside 40

Top hung sliding and folding hardware for interior aluminium and timber doors.


  • Max leaf mass: 40kg
  • Max leaf height: 2400mm
  • Max leaf width: 900mm
  • Leaf thickness: 44mm
  • Max 5 leaves hinged together, folding either way.

The area of a single sliding leaf should be related to all other factors.


  • 200P Pivot set
  • 200TA Aluminium top track
  • 200FA/FT Hangers
  • 19A Aluminium or 19B brass guide channel
  • 200/19N Bottom guide
  • 443B Brass or 443A aluminium hinges
  • 868×1 Aluminium door or 866×1 timber door hinge
  • VSKH Aluminium door or 86SKH timber door hinge handle
  • 503NA/GA Flush pull handle
  • 452 Holdback catch
  • 455 Roller catch
  • 488×150 Flush bolt (timber doors)
  • 477LF Single or 477 Double throw flush bolt (aluminium doors)
  • 970 Deadbolt lock (timber doors)


  • When pivot sets are replaced by hinges, particular attention should be paid by the joiner or aluminium fabricator to leaf sizes.
  • All fittings available in stainless steel for all coastal applications.
  • Various finishes available.
  • Strong aluminium top track
  • End hung leaves
  • Quality proven hardware
  • End pivot for equal leaves