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ClinchMaster MX4 Ultra-light Power Too

Product Introduction :

In order to meet the requirement of optimum mobility, ClinchPartner, Inc. has developed a family of clinching power tools, notably the ClinchMaster MX4 product line.

ClinchMaster MX4 can be used cordless, using powerful Li-Ion batteries, giving the operator total and unrestricted mobility.

ClinchMaster MX4 can also operate with a Power Supply unit, slotted into the battery socket and connected to the mains through a power cord. Both 110 V and 230 V versions are available.
Prime target applications include internal partition and curtain walls, suspended ceilings. modular structures of various kinds, solar panel racks, HVAC, roof jobs, installation tasks and generally speaking for joining sheets and profiles on-site or off-site.

Specifications :

The T25 series have a depth of bite of 1”, 25 mm, and open about 1", 25 mm

The T45 series is intended for cases when additional reach is required. The T45 tongs have a depth-of-bite of 1 3/4", 45 mm, and open 1 1/4", 32 mm
The O40 series tong is particularly rigid and features a 1 9/16", 40 mm, circular window

The Tong T1 aims at light gauge sheets with thickness in the range 2x24ga-2x22ga, 2x0.5-2x0.8 mm

The Tong T2 is foreseen for thicknesses in the range 2x20ga-2x18ga, 2x0.8-2x1.3 mm

The Tong T3 is for light load bearing structures in the range around 2x16ga, 2x1.3-2x1.6 mm

The Tong T4 is for medium load bearing structures in the range around 2x14ga, 2x1.6-2x2.0 mm

Special tongs are available for thicker material

Tongs are closed at rest for operator safety and open manually to allow straddling of flanges and return lips.

All tongs have a weight of around 2.5 lbs, 1.15 kg and they pivot around the drive unit axis by +/- 180 degrees for user convenience.

Changing the clinching tong is a simple snap-out, snap-in process, taking less than 5 seconds.
The clinching cycle takes about 3 seconds.

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