Hyspeed Fasteners 

Hytronic is a blind Speed Fastening System designed as an assembly solution for attaching connectors and components to PCBs. The Hytronic rivet has annular grooves along its body which expand radially during insertion. This provides a vibration resistant joint and good pull out resistance.
Hydraspeed-B is a blind Speed Fastening System having a bulbed tail providing consistent high clamp and shear, making it ideal for assembling many materials including metal, plastic and aluminum alloy. With easy installation and lower in-place costs than welding or nail rivet, this speed riveting system is extensively used for light fabrication needs
Hydraspeed-C is a blind Speed Fastening System which provides consistent controlled clamp, ideal for soft or brittle materials. The light clamp of the Hydraspeed-C rivet makes it ideal for use as a pivot pin or hose tail.
Hydraspeed-R is a blind Speed Fastening System having a threaded, removable speed fastener that combines the speed of rivet placement with the benefits of being able to remove and re-fasten. Using a Hydraspeed-R rivet removes the need for costly tapping or thread forming operation whilst creating a higher vibration resistant ‘thread lock’ compared to standard screws.
Hysert is a blind Speed Fastening System has a threaded stand-off pillar for PCBs. The internal threads allows for a threaded part to be inserted.  The Avsert Speed Fastening system is available in a variety of stand-off heights to suit your individual needs and will fit an array of board thicknesses.
Hylug is a blind Speed Fastening System easy to solder post designed for use in terminals and for wire wrapping. The Hylug rivets rolled shank ensures secure placement in the PCB. Available in diameters as small as 1.6mm giving this rivet a wide variety of applications.
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