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Avlock India manufactures and distributes a wide range of Specialized Fasteners & Installation Equipment for various Light Engineering applications and industries such as Automotive, Switchgear, Electrical, Electronics and White goods, Agriculture Equipment, Construction Equipment and Bus body building, to name a few.

Breakstem Fasteners:

Breakstem Fasteners are used where access is limited to one side of the work surface only, available in various types & different materials. They are widely used in all sheet metal industry and finding more and more applications in plastics & composites.



Hyspeed Fasteners:

Hyspeed Fasteners are used for high-speed installation from one side of the workpiece. With an installation speed of fewer than two seconds per fastener, it results in increasing assembly speed and lowering of costs.       



Hydranut (Rivetnut):

Hydranut is used where a thin sheet workpiece requires internal threads and has accessibility from one side only, available in various types & different materials. They are widely used in all sheet metal industry and offer high strength and are cost-effective and time-saving replacement for weld nuts.



Honsel Blind Rivet Nut:

Honsel blind rivet nuts are highly engineered & high-quality fasteners offering high strength which has become an indispensable part of modern installation engineering. They allow installing bolt threads of different types into thin or low rigidity components, hollow sections or other components not accessible from both sides and components which already have a coated surface, connect different components to each other at the same time and attach additional parts. Honsel blind rivet nut is especially useful & robust for the automotive industry. 



Honsel Blind Rivet Stud:

A blind rivet stud consists of a sleeve (blind rivet nut without internal thread) and a stud that are joined to one another. As HONSEL has been manufacturing both components in-house for decades, the know-how from the manufacture of blind rivet nuts can be put to very good use also for the production of blind rivet studs so that every possible variation can be quickly and flexibly combined and supplied in order to meet individual customers’ demands with a very wide range of variants. 



Honsel Coils:

Coils (threaded inserts) create high-strength joints in low-strength metallic materials and have been proven in practice for decades. HONSEL coils threaded inserts are available in a range of variants and are characterized by high wear resistance, low thread friction in close tolerances, high surface quality and outstanding corrosion and heat resistance. 



Sheet Metal Fasteners:

Sheet Metal Fasteners provide deep tapped female threads or studs to be used in conjunction with thin sheet metallic materials. The fastener is permanently attached to the parent material allowing the associated bolt (or nut) to be removed without risk of the fastener becoming dislodged. This feature has allowed industry to streamline production methods and fabricate complex shapes including closed box sections. Our sheet metal fasteners include Self-Clinching Fasteners, our Anchor® Rivet Bush series, unique FLANGEFORM® fasteners, and our high strength GRIPFORM® fastener.



Installation Tools:

Avlock’s Fastener installation tool range comprises of high performance, lightweight Hydro-Pneumatic, Pneumatic & Battery Operated tools for various Fasteners and expander sealing plug installations. Using Avlock’s tool reduce operator fatigue by their ergonomic and sophisticated user-friendly designs. With an increased lifespan and low air consumption, Avlock’s tool range is fast becoming an invaluable asset in every assembly line.     



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