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Avlock India also acts as a distributor for Hillaldam Coburn Systems (Pty) Ltd & Mungo which are renowned manufacturers & suppliers of Sliding-Folding-Stacking Doors & Windows systems and heavy-duty Construction Fasteners respectively.

Mungo Befestigungstechnik AG (Switzerland) is renowed manufacturer for heavy-duty construction fasteners used to affix concrete / concrete steel materials together.

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2. Nylon Products

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Hillaldam has a wide range of frameless glass hardware, the introduction of our new Patch Fitting for tempered glass doors which combines a bottom patch fitting and a hold-open floor spring in one eye-catching component. This eliminates the need for a floor spring and the tedious floor preparation that is required, therefore greatly reducing both installation time and cost of tempered glass pivot doors. Hillaldam Coburn Systems is dedicated to the design, manufacture, and distribution of quality sliding door solutions and products.

Sliding door system

Space Savers

Hillaldam’s range of straight sliding and folding internal systems offer maximum flexibility in creating extra space out of office and home. Our vast range of systems covers all applications including cupboards/single sliding doors/double sliding doors/cavity doors/security doors and gates/partitions/screen and shutters. Top hung or bottom rolling.Hillaldam has a solution to suit your needs.




Slide Aside

Hilladam offers a large range of top hung and bottom rolling, straight sliding exterior systems catering for all requirements. Designed for use on windows and doors, our products are suited to all types of applications – timber,aluminum,steel,glass, and PVC. Perfectfor all doors and windows whether they are single/double bi-parting/patios/security gates and screens/shutters and more. All our systems incorporate hardware of high quality which has been rigorously tested and is extremely durable.Our range caters for all weight loadings and applications.



Beauty and Brawn

Hillaldam offers a formidable range of straight sliding commercial systems that cover top hung and bottom rolled applications both internally and externally. Sleek designs accompanied by tough and durable hardware construction allow hillaldam products to survive the hardships of commercial environments. Perfect for Shopfronts /Offices/Restaurants/Meeting rooms and more.



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Folding door system

Open Your World Hilaldam range of innovative and unique domestic sliding folding systems allow flexibility of the product, ease of installation and lasting quality. Designed for windows and doors, our domestic sliding folding systems combine cutting edge innovation and design with functionality,resulting in systems that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also fully weatherproof and easy to use! Ideal for patio’s /living rooms/conservations/bedrooms, our product ranges cater for all timber and aluminum doors, with glass, PVC and steel options also available.




The SKY’S The Limit

You name it, we can do it. Hillaldams range of commercial sliding folding systems can be used on a variety of door and window constructions. Top hung or Bottom rolled, Centre folding, End Folding, Partitions, Multiple doors hinged together, external or internal, all options are available and can be suited to your specific requirements and needs.


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Stacking door system

Flexibility Supreme

Hillaldamsvariety of domestic Stackaway systems allows massive variety for office home. Using lighter-duty Stackaway hardware that maintains its tough features, our unique systems allow maximum space created through the use of individually moving panels that can be neatly stacked away from any opening. Ideal for patio enclosures/shutters and screens, Hillaldam offers hardware systems compatible with timber, aluminum, and glass.



Big Daddy

Hillaldams range of commercial stacking systems speaks for themselves in terms of toughness and durability. Perfect for all variety of applications including shopfronts/meeting and conference rooms/office partitions etc., the stackaway range allows a huge amount of flexibility using individually moving panels that can be stacked neatly away from the opening. Flexibility and functionality are the keys in this market-leading range of products, and products are available in top hung or bottom rolling varieties to suit all application requirements.


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