Breakstem Fasteners 

The Hydravex Rivet is a multi-grip, high-strength breakstem fastener. Produced in either Aluminium Steel or stainless steel to meet your requirements, this blind rivet can replace several grip fasteners. With good hole fill and a large bulbing tail, this rivet is ideal for use on thin sheet materials.
Hydranox is a stainless steel rivet that offers high-strength fastening and ideal for thin sheet metals. This industrial fastener’s stainless steel construction provides good corrosion resistance in applications subject to elevated temperatures.
Hydrabulb is a  steel rivet that offers  high-strength fastening and ideal for thin sheet metals. The steel breakstem provides
excellent bulbing tail formation and high shear and tensile strength.
Hydrasoft breakstem fastener is designed with a split tail formation, providing a much larger blind side bearing area against the rear sheet. This also allows for a wide variation in material thickness. The Hydrasoft blind breakstem fastener is ideal for use with plastic and low strength material.
Hydratite is a aluminium rivet that has a large blind-side bearing area making it an ideal rivet for use in thin sheet or low strength materials. The structural Hydratite rivet contains a visible mechanical lock to give extra strength to the joint.
Hydraseal breakstem fastener is one piece sealed fastener having high strength and used in applications where water and air resistant joints are essential.
Hydrapeel Cost-effective and efficient method of attaching metal to wood or other soft material without through holes.
Hydrahem fastener is a structural breakstem fastener with exceptional shear and tensile strength. The Hydrahem rivet features an interference lock ensuring the strongest vibration resistant joints. Creates a large blind side bearing area spreads the load and prevents creep.
Hybolt MB
The Hybolt MB multi-grip structural rivet is a high strength structural blind rivet with a locked stem and a positive hole fill for use in heavy duty applications. Hybolt MB blind rivets are designed and developed for demanding applications where safety  and performance is paramount to the customer demands.
Hybolt IL
Hybolt IL rivet is a multi-grip structural breakstem fastener with excellent hole fill to give a fully sealed joint. The Hybolt IL rivet can close large gaps and prevent sheet movement and give high shear and tensile strength enable the use of fewer Interlock rivets per assembly.
Hydrapop rivet is a uni-grip breakstem blind fasteners available in various lengths for wide grip thicknesses. Fastening cost are low, Due to high speed and ease of application. Strong, reliable, vibration proof assemblies can be made without operator skills and rivet can be installed without marking the surface of the workpiece.
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