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VNG703 Pneumatic Tool

Product Introduction :

The force-controlled tool for fast handling of large numbers in serial manufacture.

The regulation through adjusting the necessary setting force guarantees that the blind rivet nut is always set in an optimal and material-preserving way. At the same time the VNG 703 features an user-friendly conception and easy-to-use handling. The switch from forward to backrun is extremely quick. Through light pressing on the mandrel the blind rivet nut is screwed on and after working screwed off automatically.

Specifications :

Weight: 2,5 kg

Stroke: 9 mm

Revolutions per minute: screwing 1800, removing 2500

Pressure: 5-7 bar

Working power at 7 bar: 20000 N

Noise: < 75 dB(A)(68,32)

Air consumption: 4,4 litre

Hose connection: G 1/4 inside, Installation left or right side

Excellently suited for using OPTO multi-grip blind rivet nuts.

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