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BZ133A Pneumatic Tool

Product Introduction :

The powerful specialist for high-strength blind rivets up to 8 mm diameter!
High-strength FERO-BULB blind rivets are being set very comfortable and reliably through the combination of normal stroke, very high setting force (24.000 N) and clamping jaws that are optimized for the mandrel´s grooving.

Our field service team presents generally all pneumatic-hydraulic tools on side.

Specifications :

Weigt: 2,34 kg

Stroke: 18 mm

max.mandrel-ø: 4,8 mm

Pressure: 5-7 bar

Working power at 7 bar: 24.000 N

Noise: < 75 dB(A)

Air consumption: 3,5 litre

Hose connection: G 1/4 inside, installation left or right side

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