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Rivdom eBZ 3 - 20V battery rivet tool for blind rivets

Part Number : 320528000-010-1 / 320528000-020-1

Product Introduction : Maximum power with cordless riveting. 24.000 N!

The HONSEL Rivdom eBZ 3 battery riveter was developed specially for the demands of the setting of high-strength blind rivets with 6.4 and 7.8 mm diameter with grooved rivet stud!

The clamping jaws specially designed for this geometry and a modified clamping mechanism guarantee reliable and positive settings of FERO® BULB high-strength blind rivets (or comparable products) with a stud diameter from 3.8 to 6.15 mm. This also helps to minimise wear on the clamping jaws.

Key Features & Benefits :

  • Brushless and Wear-Free Motor Technology: Practically all HONSEL battery riveters have modern brushless DC (BLDC) motors developed in-house. They guarantee a practically wear-free, very long life cycle. Low current consumption and reduced heat development increase the battery life and efficiency.
  • Individual return mode setting :   RivSmart eBZ 3 offer an automatic return mode. Here the trigger merely has to be pressed slightly to start the automatic setting process. Immediately after the drop in the measured force with the shearing of the rivet mandrel, the tool moves back automatically to the starting position to keep the riveting cycle as short as possible.
  • Automatic mandrel removal :   Retainer nosepieces available as options ensure that the rivet cannot fall out of the tool so that one hand remains free

Specifications :

  • Working range: blind rivets up to 8.0 mm diameter, all materials
  • Stroke:30 mm
  • Working power: 24.000 N
  • Max. diameter of mandrel: 6.1 mm
  • Charging time: < <30 Minutes
  • Weight incl. battery: 2.1 kg

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