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MQL-ST 10 x 80 / 10 Universal Nylon Frame Plug

Part Number : 1060108

Applications :

    façade and roof substructures, ventilated façades, fixing for insulation, substructures, profiles

Key Features & Benefits :

  • ETAG 020 - Approved for multiple uses in concrete and masonry for non-structural applications
  • Assessment of resistance under fire exposure F90 for fastening of façade systems
  • Quattro® Technology
  • Increased load capacity due to 4 expansion zones
  • Universal use
  • Setting a depth of 70mm results in higher loadings
  • Knot forming leads to high resistance in cavities
  • Longer plugs with reinforced shank
  • 3-times rotation resistance stops the plug from rotating in the drill hole (especially in softer materials)
  • Knock-in protection prevents premature expansion while installing
  • Oversize plugs molded in one piece up to the overall length of 300mm
  • Made from high-quality polyamide PA6
  • Through fixing
  • Indoor (zinc plated) and outdoor (stainless steel) applications

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