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ML 6 x 60 Hollow Brick Plug

Part Number : 1100606

Applications :

    facings, squared timbers, roller blinds (only MLK), frames, distance fixing

Key Features & Benefits :

  • Ideal for use in brickwork
  • Can be used with wood screws, chipboard screws, and metric screws
  • For use with anchor rod M10 (ML14)
  • Special plug end geometry, ML6 and ML8, causes a knotting of the plug shanks
  • Rotation resistance stops the plug from rotating in the drill hole
  • Knock-in protection prevents premature expansion while installing
  • Collar prevents the plug from being pushed into deeper holes (MLK)
  • Made from high-quality polyamide PA6
  • Pre installation or through fixing
  • Indoor and outdoor applications

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