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Here Are The Best Makers Of Hydraulic Power Pack & Lockbolt Fasteners In India


Hydrapac Power Unit is used to change electrical energy into hydraulic energy with the help of high-powered tools, which apply hydraulic pressure to the motors in the hydraulic machine. It is most commonly used along with handheld units with different nozzle sizes for the installation of the lockbolt in the railway, mining, solar, bridge constructions & power industry. 


Avlock India is one of the renowned Hydraulic Power Pack Manufacturers In India. Our HydraPac units are robust, rugged, and are known as the high production tools. The success rate of the power pack is very high because we do everything according to the latest technology. 


Power Range: Single Phase (220 V) and Three Phase (440 V) 


  • It is designed to function in extreme conditions and has a wide range of handheld units, nose equipment, and hoses in different lengths that makes it possible to place the entire range of Lockbolts. 
  • Have Sleep Mode
  • Mounted on the wheel, which makes it portable

What are Hydraulic Handheld Units? 

They are the set of installation tools that are used to install lockbolts. It gets power from a hydraulic power pack. 

Avlock India’s Handheld Unit Features 

  • High Performance 
  • Light Weight tools for various fasteners 
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly design
  • Increased Life-Span
  • Low Noise Pollution


Lockbolts are used in a wide range of applications and are a two-piece fastener that consists of a hardened metal pin & metal collar, forming a specific measured clam force to hold assembled parts together. 

Avlock India is also known as the top Lockbolt Fastener Manufacturer in India, as we have been engaged in this segment for years. The lockbolt fasteners which we are providing are designed to form long-lasting and stronger industrial fastening solutions. We have become the top choice of Indian railways all around. All the products offered by us are tested and approved by CRIS and RDSO and are accepted by railway as the universal fixing method for RFID tags fixing.

Sizes of Hydraloc Lockbolt Fasteners 

  • 4.80mm (3/16”)
  • 6.40mm (1/4”) 
  • 7.90mm (5/16”)
  • 9.50mm (3/8”)
  • 12.70mm (1/2”)
  • 15.90mm (5/8”)
  • 19.10mm (3/4”)
  • 22.20mm (7/8”)

Material of Hydraloc Lockbolt Fasteners 

Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Steel

Head Forms of Hydraloc Lockbolt Fasteners 

Dome Head and Countersunk 

Highlights Of Hydraloc Lockbolt Fasteners 

  • High Strength Bolt Type Fasteners 
  • Eliminate issues associated with loose nuts, bolts, and solid rivets
  • Vibration & Temper Resistant 
  • High-Speed Installation 
  • Low Noise 

We have a team of engineers who give proper consultation for various application requirements. We have served a wide range of manufacturing industries with valuable fastening solutions. With the durable set of fasteners and fastening solutions, we assure that the company is satisfied with the products and services. To know more regarding the various fastening solution, sealing technology, and architectural hardware products connect with us. We will deliver you the best according to the need of an hour.

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