Fasteners In Automotive Manufacturing

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and there are various sectors, which contribute to the development of the Indian economy. The contribution of the automotive industry is very high to the GDP, and it is the key driver of economic growth. The automotive industry of India is the fourth-largest in the world as per the recent statistics done in 2021 and provides more employment opportunities directly or indirectly to individuals.

Avlock India is known as one of the top Automotive Fasteners Manufacturers In India and is contributing largely to this sector. Whenever anyone talks about automotive parts, they think about engine components, bulky doors, wheels, etc., but the truth is that on average the automobile consists of several small parts which are fastened together with the help of a reliable fastening solution. Different Sets of Automotive Fasteners Provided By Avlock India & Their Applications

Hydranut (Rivetnut): It is for blind threaded nut inserts consisting of internal threads and comes in various types viz; Hydranut half hex, Hydranut round, Hydranut sealed, Hydranut splined, Hydranut square. They are widely used in the assembly of the Car dashboard, Car Handles, Inner & Outer Car Framing, and chassis components.
v Hydrapop: It is a uni-grip breakstem blind fastener, which is available in a wide range of lengths and grip thicknesses. It is known for its’ high speed and ease of application. It is used in the mudguard assembly as it is strong, reliable, and vibration-proof.

Hydrabolt: Lockbolt helps in eliminating the problems associated with loose nuts, lock nuts, solid rivets, and bolts. These are used in checker plate assembly within the automobile.

Honsel Plastfix, Capfix, & Soundfix: It offers high strength and is used in the sheet metal industry as well.

The Honsel Plastfix is used for the plastic modules, it secures the connection as it has limited axial force application.

The Honsel Capfix is designed to ensure that the plastic ring is pre-assembled on the screw.

The Honsel Soundfix is used in plastic and metal modules.

Apart from these, Avlock India is also known as the Insert Nut Manufacturers In India, as we are making a wide range of inserts for plastic. With our years of experience and knowledge, we assure you that everything is done as per the automotive industrial guidelines. Our products are IATF 16949 approved & our company is ISO 9001:2015 registered. For more insights in detail regarding automotive fasteners

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  • August 9, 2022


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